Pampering on a Sunday

We probably all get that Sunday feeling, unfortunately I get it every day at the moment. In a bid to do something that makes me happy every day I chose to pamper myself a bit today.

I did my make-up, even though I was only going to the recycling centre, and I have done my nails because the sun is out and I wanted to feel more summery. 

Look at those grey undereyes- hooray for foundation

My nails usually look quite good when I do them at home now, and that is down to a brilliant Christmas present from my mother-in-law. Christmas 2015 she bought me the Boots Sensationail starter kit and I’ve added to the collection with a Polish to Gel Topcoat. That basically means I can turn ALL of my nail varnishes into Gels. Brilliant! (because I have a carrier bag of polishes and don’t want to waste them)

It doesn’t look quite as good as having them done at the salon, but I don’t spend 8+ hours a day, 5+ days a week doing manicures. If I’m honest, I do not look after my nails and I’m terribly self-conscious about them. Growing up as a violinist I was not allowed to grow the nails on my left hand and to top it off I inherited my Dad’s bad habit of nail biting. I cure this by wearing falsies. 

Today I used Nailene so natural short court nails with Nailene Ultra Quick glue. I question whether they really are short, as I still have to file them down quite a lot. Either way, they last quite well and are a lot cheaper and quicker to put on than a full set of Acrylics.

Rimmel London 031 Super Gel Kate Moss Perfect Posy, Sensationail Polish to Gel

So it’s only something small but they make me smile and it hasn’t eaten into my bank balance like a trip to the salon would. Win-win! 

Does anyone else have anything at home that makes them happy without having to spend lots of money?


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