Hi-ho, Hi-ho, it’s back to work I go..

Five weeks ago I was signed off work. I was diagnosed with severe depression and anxiety and had started having panic attacks. My blood pressure was high (158/95) at 7pm in the evening, 3 hours after my last class finished a few weeks before I got signed off. I was suffering from regular migraines and IBS flare ups for months. 

Tomorrow I go back to work for a phased return and I’m starting with working mornings only. Work are being amazing,  even though two weeks ago I handed in my notice.

I will admit, with a mortgage to pay with my husband I’m nervous about the leap but it had to be done. If I hadn’t already handed my notice in I would have done a week later as my husband’s 19yr old cousin had a motorbike crash at Snetterton Race track and nearly died, was put into an induced coma and only now (3 weeks later is he gradually getting taken off of ventilation etc. LIFE IS TOO SHORT TO TAKE FOR GRANTED. 

So I’m trying to get into new routines. Starting tonight with a Pukka Herbal Tea called Night Time. It is made up of organic oat flower, lavender and limeflower tea. It’s rather pleasing and I hope will help with a good sleep, as for the past week at least I have been suffering with insomnia and finding it very difficult to drop off to sleep. 
In the morning I need to try and have my breakfast, which will be some kind of yogurt and fruit. Followed by a low syn (slimming world) lunch, more fruit and I’m trying to drink lots of water. 

In the afternoon I plan on trying a new gym (I have a one week free pass to trial a gym which is at a very nice spa resort near me) If I like it then I may sign up for their 3 month contract (I can’t do 12 months if I don’t have a permanent job). i have decided that healthy food and exercise are equally important to my recovery and I intend on making sure I am 100% happy with myself and my life before adding a new career into the mix. 

Here’s to going back to work.

Comment if you can recommend anything else for insomnia, depression and anxiety. 


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