Thoughts on the snap election 

I don’t claim to be any form of political expert. Despite being a reasonably (if I do say so myself) intelligent person there is a lot in the major parties manifestos I don’t understand. This worries me. This worries me because that means it probably doesn’t all make a lot of sense to a lot of people. So how are people choosing?  

Whatever happens tomorrow morning when I wake up I know I’m getting used to the bottom-of-the-pit, sinking-stomach feeling when I see election results. In 2010 I was Lib-dem and it wasn’t too bad (5days later) but then when nothing came from that coalition my outlook changed and Labour won my vote. Then Brexit happened and I was a staunch remainer. My Facebook feed after every one of those elections, since my first vote in the 2004 General Election, has been one of despair, anger and confusion. This tells me alot about my friends and their values and we mostly share the same. A lot of my family are Tory (older generation) and I have a few other friends who are Tory. That’s fine. We live in a democracy and I’m thankful for that. That’s why I always exercise my right to vote. That’s why no-one should be afraid to say who they vote for.

Anyone tomorrow who starts insulting any party followers will be unfollowed and potentially unfriended (I did a call after nasty comments from some after Brexit). Politics should encourage healthy debate not slagging off people who disagree with you. So if nothing else, I hope tomorrow morning I don’t wake up to insults and slurs against the opposition. 


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