Power of Words – part 1

Supernatural Horror Short Story – 1st rough draft Part 1

Power of Words

Pen scratching on paper; ink staining the page. The physical act of writing always made her feel better. Typing just didn’t feel as… satisfying. She felt freedom when she sat at her desk. The darkened room like a solace, a haven for her, enabling her to create the life she wanted. That’s all she ever did when she wrote. It was nothing overly exciting or thrilling, it was just how she wished her day had gone. When she sat to write, all the things she wished she’d had the courage to say to Vanessa came pouring out; all the things she wished she’d had the bravery to do cover the pages of her notebooks.

They were just words on a page though. It made her chuckle to think of the rhyme she had been taught as a child – “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.”

Words did hurt though, when they were whispered in the corners of the school buildings, or typed on social media and shared by so called “friends”. Saskia knew the power of words. She bore the scars as evidence. It was her therapist who had suggested she turned to writing instead of cutting. Her delicate, porcelain fingers gently stroked the reddish scars that speckled her thighs.

It was a day like every other when everything changed. Vanessa had snapped a picture of Saskia in the changing rooms at school after PE. Saskia had thought she was alone, after helping the teacher put all of the equipment away, when she had slipped out of her gym trousers. Her scars looked angry after the exercise in class, blood pumping round her body. Just as she stepped into her grey skinny jeans Saskia heard a giggle and looked up. Vanessa was stood there, bold as anything and chuckled “Say cheese” as she held up her smartphone to catch Saskia in her state of undress and ran away.

Now Saskia knew what viral really meant.

‘I wish I could write her out of my life.’ That was the last thing she scrawled across the page before crying herself to sleep.

A few hours later Saskia woke up suddenly, a damp sweat covering her face and limbs. Her heart was pounding and she couldn’t remember why. She sat up gasping, surrounded by darkness. A chill rushed over her, like an icy breeze from an open window. Looking over to the window Saskia’s breath caught in her throat like a vice and she froze.

Dark and shapeless, a figure materialised in the shadows. A sideways glance at the red glow from her bedside clock marked the time. 00:01. Gradually, the figure became less transparent and more dense. Saskia desperately tried to swallow, scream, breathe but couldn’t.

Thoughts rushed through her; she couldn’t control them. Everything that had happened to her in the past two years flashed through her mind- the looks, the stares, the names, the torture. The loneliness. The anger.

It was at that moment the figure became clear. In her moment of anger at the bitch that had caused her all that pain her paralysis was gone. And yet she didn’t scream.

“I can help you Saskia. You don’t have to say a word.” The figure, who was actually a man, spoke in a grave, weighty timbre. Yet it didn’t scare her. She swallowed and went to speak but almost immediately she couldn’t again. “Did you not hear me?” he warned.

It was then she realised, that the man’s lips were not moving, yet she could hear him so clearly.

Part 2 coming soon.

Please let me know what you think. I have never written this genre before (I have done supernatural but never with horror in the mix). It took me about 20-30 minutes to write this as I was feeling inspired. No editing done at all yet. More still to come, soon I hope.


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