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Brilliantly Simple Baking Hack: Cake Mix + Fizzy Pop = Delicious

Who doesn’t love a quick and easy, fool-proof method for baking cakes? If one thing is my downfall when dieting, it is my love of all things cakey and bakey.  (I went there I’m sorry.) I also love Pinterest and have many a “Pinterest looked like this, mine looked…nothing like it” photos. I can promise you today is not one of those days though!

Whilst on Slimming World there were dozens, if not hundreds, of cake hack recipes. Some involved replacing normal ingredients like flour with oats or Weetabix. Some used yogurt and sweetener. The one thing they had in common was that the alternative ingredients made the food lower in “points” or “syns” as they are in Slimming World.

I will be honest, I don’t remember where I came across the idea of using Diet Coke in a cake first. The amount of social media forums I use daily it could have been any of them. This morning I turned to Pinterest (who doesn’t) to search for others who had made these soda cakes and found lots of different ideas. My decision was easy as I already had a chocolate cake mix and a fridge box full of diet coke in the house. DSC_2484

So, how do you make these cakes? It really is as simple as 1, 2, 3.

1) Empty your chosen cake mix into a bowl. I used Betty Crocker’s Chocolate Temptation Cake mix because I had it left over from my birthday (I ran out of time to bake my own so my husband bought one.)

DSC_2485At this stage, as you can see to the left, there is a lot of froth and fizz. You just need to whisk/ stir it together and the fizzy froth will subside. I used a small whisk and it created a really thick, mousse like mixture once I had made sure all of the cake mix was combined with the coke. There is nothing worse when baking than finding dry ingredients not fully combined with the wet.DSC_2486

You should have a nice smooth consistency within the mixture once it is all combined. If you don’t divide the mixture up straight away it swells with all of the fizz and becomes really airy like a mousse. I’m not sure this is an issue, but I gave mine another stir before dividing up into the cupcakes.

2) Divide equally into 24 cupcakes and place them in the oven. The cake mix recommends cooking for 18-20 minutes at 180degrees Celsius. I recommend 15 minutes at 180degress as they come up really light and fluffy. (My first batch were in for 18 minutes and after rising nicely at first had sunk a bit by the time I took them out of the oven.)

3) Serve. (Yes it really is that simple.) I’m sure if you weren’t being so diet conscious (but if that is the case you are probably making these cakes with an egg, oil and water like the instructions say) you could add some frosting or a drizzle of Choc shot. They really are nice on their own though, honestly.



These work out to be 3 weightwatchers smart points each, which is great for a small chocolatey, cakey treat. Considering a muffin from Costa can set you back double digits you could have 3 of these for less points. I’m pretty sure the SW syn value is probably quite low but you’d have to work that out (based on the dry weight per 100g nutritional values, not the “made up” values as that includes eggs and oil).

The combinations of cakes and fizzy drinks are endless. You could do chocolate cake mixes with any flavoured fizz, such as Dr Pepper or even orangeade. If I found a vanilla cake mix I think trying it with some kind of fruity flavoured fizz would be really nice, like lemon and lime, or a Rubicon (although you can’t get Zero sugar Rubicon so the points value would increase.

Can you think of any other cake and fizz combinations that you think might work? Why not given them a go yourself and let me know how you get on!

I’m going to enjoy a nice cup of tea with a low point chocolate cola fairy cake now.



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