Little Old Me

Sim-63Having been a teacher for 8 years I’ve just realised it’s actually quite tricky to write my “About Me” information without defining myself as a teacher. Changing career in the next few months is going to mean massive changes in my life. Teaching takes up so much of my day/life that it’s quite poignant I’m having to think about how I would describe myself now.

So where do I start? I love stories, whether its reading them or watching them (I love a good TV series BoxSet). I’m a writer, with some published articles from my younger years, and a degree in Creative and Media Writing from Middlesex University. This also means I love reading but, despite being an English Teacher, I don’t get to read enough (re-reading the same set-texts all year doesn’t count anymore).

I’m recently married (Feb 2017) and very happy with my husband and our two cats (Gambit and Logan) in our new home, which we bought in October 2016. Weekends are rarely relaxing as we are busy making our home and garden perfect. Gardening could soon be a new hobby!

Organisation is a massive passion of mine. I ADORE Bullet Journaling and am an enthusiastic planner and log everything I can as artistically as I can. As I don’t have my Mum’s talents with drawing in painting I have a fondness for typography and hand-lettering, although I am very new to it. This lack of drawing ability means my creativity tends to fall to baking and crochet/knitting. Again, I am no expert but it’s therapeutic. My cake decorating as you will see needs a lot of work, but it tastes good.

I’m probably what you’d call a “jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none” as I am also a Grade 7 Saxophonist and Singer, and I also play the violin and the piano. I’m trying to find some direction and focus in my life. Hopefully this blog will entertain and inform others as much as it does me.